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Recycling used postage stamps is a great way to raise funds for St Peter’s Church. The price for stamps collected has increased recently to almost quadruple the value of ten years ago. Charities across Britain are benefiting from this, and you can help us at St Peters. Stamp recycling is a very easy way to help charities. Simply collect the

postage stamps from any mail you receive, and once you have collected an envelope full they can be left in the Church, Church Hall or Parish Office.

Recycling companies pay charities £7.50 for every kilo of donated stamps collected and sent. All postage stamps are accepted including Collections which are treated with great respect. If valuable, the collection of stamps is sold on Ebay and 90% of proceeds will go to

St Peter’s Church.

The stamps should be carefully clipped, leaving plenty of room [5 – 10mm]

around the stamp. This will increase the value of the stamps, making more money!

New Children’s Area

Hall Kitchen

We are well on the way to getting a new kitchen in the Church hall.

We have raised a total of £500 approximately so far. With money still coming in from the sale of ice lollies in the freezer situated in the Church hall at just £1 each please feel free to keep on buying them!

Earlier in the year a Fundraiser for The Sick Children’s Trust, took place run by Anna Hunter who donated £100 of the money she raised towards the kitchen. She also raised £138.51 at the Armed Forces Fundraiser plus £65.20 for ice lollies sold since the event, making a total of £203.41.

A very generous donation has been given by Friday Coffee Bric-a- Brac stall of £200. Thank you!

St Peter’s would like to say a big to all involved in raising money and donations given so far.

We have also been contacted by National Citizen Service (NCS) Youth Programme, who are supporting teenagers to enhance their skills and better engage with their communities. They are going to be working in the Church Hall starting on the 6th August 2018 for two weeks, to clean, paint and decorate the hall.

We need to keep raising funds towards a new kitchen and are hoping to hold future events, if anyone has any ideas or would like to hold a fundraiser please contact the parish office or speak with the Rector, Churchwardens, or Parish Office.